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How to Clean Biscuits Production Line?

Publish Lisa On 2017-06-22

For food factories, cleaning the biscuits production line is very important. Here is show you how to clean the biscuit machine.
1. The biscuit production line should be timed to remove the strainer. However, it is important to note that the fuselage of the biscuit machine is completely cool, which is the best time to clean. When the water is in reverse, rinse the dirt off the filter. Lightly brush the screen with a brush when necessary.
2. Return the filter to the machine in time after cleaning, and put the correct position.
3. When cleaning, pay attention to the removal of debris, collect the impurities, and clean the site after operation.
4. If mixing blade of biscuit production line is very difficult to clean, wash a few times more, avoid by all means do not use wear and tear cleaner and hard wool fabric, that will be not damaging non-stick layer, affect the next time stirring and cleaning effect.

Biscuit machinery plays an important role in our life, so we must take good care of it when we use machinery.
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