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How to Roll an Ice Cream Cone?

Publish Lisa On 2018-10-09

The ice cream cone is made in two steps, one is baking and other is rolling. We have a special machine for baking, then how to roll an ice cream cone? Here we also have a special machine for rolling. Semi automatic ice cream cone rolling machine is a more convenient and practical equipment, its main purpose is rolling the baked cookies into the shape of the cone. With simple structure and convenient operation, one person can complete the operation of the ice cream cone. So this machine can help us to roll an ice cream cone easily.
Ice Cream Cone Rolling Machine
This series of semi automatic ice cream cone rolling machine can produce nice and delicious cones, the machine is mainly used to roll the ice cream cone, also can roll the egg roll, only change the mould, the ice cream cone rolling machine can make the ice cream cone with high efficiency, high quality. The machine is semi automaticlly operation, manpower need to put the material on the roll mould. It is an ideal production ice cream cones equipment. The ice cream cone rolling machine is usually used with ice cream cone baking machine to make the ice cream cones with different sizes.

The characteristics of ice cream cone rolling machine: 1, The mould of the machine can exchange and one machine can match many kinds of mould and to produce the different shapes and sizes cones. 2, The rolling machine can produce different shapes of cone which provides the different capacities, to meet the different customers need. 3, Designing and making different kind of cone according to specifications, capacity, color and shapes for customer. 4, Made of high quality stainless steel 304, strong and durable, has a long service life. 5, Easy to operate, easy to clean, save time and energy.
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