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Make Donut Use Donut Making Machine

Publish Lisa On 2017-03-09

Whether you're making a donut use manual or a machine, that all delicious. But use the donut making machine to produce is easy and quickly. How to make the donut use the donut making machine?

The machine's features: All 304 stainless steel shell, luxury foot, strong and beautiful, fixed casting brand new design, higher precision, a design more reasonable, sandblasting, fixed casting more level off is smooth, the level is higher, look better, a new control panel design, the new statistical functions, can the number of statistical blanking, more convenient. Low noise, small heat, use of stability, longer life.

Host can automatically control the oil temperature, automatic control oil time, automatic molding, automatic propulsion, can produce the number of statistics, conveyor belt speed can be adjust time to adjust. Can also automatically complete secondary Fried the action and can be Fried doughnuts automatically sends out the frying machine, this product is suitable for the production of fermentation type doughnuts. Doughnuts host machine inside and outside the machine of two parts, the machine can be removed, the machine can also be opened the electric heating tube, so that we can facilitate cleaning every day.

Discharging mouth can according to the oil level of high and low any lift. Can adjust the discharging how to adjust the hypertrophy of doughnuts, gao's sweet barnyard manure, low the product of doughnuts, smaller number has a discharge and the choice of two, on the control panel with electric discharge and discharge switch, muscle device with precise orbit, and joint motor, keep equipment vibration quantity within the minimum value. Large hopper design, simple operation, high efficiency, is the best choice for all kinds of napa stores and food factory.
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