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Simple Introduction of Sugar Crusher Machine

Publish Serena On 2017-02-15

The suger crushing machine can be directly divided into the hammer and disc two types. The combination of blades are difference, but the basic production methods are similiar.  
The white sugar crushing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries crushed material. There are three models can be choosed accprding your capacity demand. The samllest capacity is 30 kg per hour, the larggest capacity of the machine is about 300 kg per hour.
 sugar crusher machine
Working principle of sugar cursher machine: 
  The crusher machine adopts the relative movement between the movable gear and the fixed gear, so that the material under the tooth plate impact, friction, shear, will crushed into powder or small particles.        
1. The whole machine is designed according to GMP standard, all made of stainless steel with high quality. 
2. The machine structure is simple, high energy and low consumption and easy to clean, it is an ideal crushing equipment for crushing sugar in food processing factory.
3. In order to meet the low temperature sugar crushing working, you can load the water jacket for cooling process.
4. There are large and small specifications can be selected, all these machine suitable for hospital laboratory minicomputer, foods processing factory and also can produce large-scale assembly line equipment. 

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