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Wafer Biscuit Machine Testing Video By Customer

Publish Lisa On 2017-02-06

The video is a customer’s testing video of wafer biscuit production line.

This wafer biscuit production line can be used for making wafer biscuit, the main features of the production line is saving energy, high yield, high degree automation, high recovery rate, long service life, easy maintenance, easy operation. The production line has two heating methods, electric and gas. Less operators, to achieve national energy-saving emission reduction.

The outer shell of wafer biscuit making machine is made high quality stainless steel 304, meet the  requirements of food hygiene. All electrical and mechanical transmission parts adopt the  SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI touch screen control, so that the machine performance is stable. And we also according to the customers requirements to produce the different patterns, shape, depth, size and other special-shaped wafers.

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