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Food Machinery and Equipment Need Maintenance

Publish Lisa On 2017-01-12

In recent years, food safety incidents caused by food machinery are common in our country. In addition to the improper operation, one of the important reasons is that enterprises or individuals ignore the daily maintenance of food machinery.
food machinery maintenance
The daily maintenance of equipment is the premise of the safe use of machinery and equipment. We know that in the long term, use the equipment in long-term and different environments, mechanical parts are bound to wear, the gap increases and other questions, which directly affect the balance of the original equipment. The stability, reliability and benefit of the equipment will be reduced to a considerable extent, and even lead to the loss of the basic performance of the mechanical equipment, and can not run normally.

In recent years, China's food processing industry rapid development momentum, China should pay more attention to the quality of food production supervision, regulations and standards continue to improve, making the food processing enterprises in the whole production process must be strictly controlled. Food machinery, as a direct contact device for food production, must be maintained and maintained on a regular basis.

Food machinery enterprises should strengthen the training of maintenance personnel and operators. For the introduction of foreign equipment, food machinery companies can contact with foreign producers, communication, learning and maintenance technology. So, in order to make a good long-term operation of the equipment.

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