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Thanksgiving Day Activity

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-24

thanksgiving activity

On Thanksgiving Day,
our GELGOOG company take this opportunity to hold a "Thanksgiving party", the tea party have been more than a week from preparing to carry out, this week, we were nervous and excited rehearsal various programs, like singing, dancing, drama, comedy, etc.

Our group also has performance programs, that is singing, those days are a free time, our four people gather together, study how to assign, the rehearsal process is also a lot of situation, can't keep up with the rhythm or is not in tune. Fortunately, as we practice time increases, these also improve.

thanksgiving activity

This time the Thanksgiving Tea Party to our GELGOOG staff gathered together at the time,although in the same company, not much time together, so we are very happy to meet and greet each other, each with a smile on her face.

When the opening ceremony officially began, the meeting host is our senior HR Rene and a colleague of our office, two of them wore similar Mongolia woman costumes, dancing appeared in front of us, and two people with the introduced the main content of the tea party. There are various of interactive link in performance during the period, like random lucky viewers to read themselves in one company to thank the most, there are a variety of group games, etc. One of the deepest impression is that there is a group of performances is to do sushi, this program has been unanimously recognized.

thanksgiving activity

At the end of the activity, our collective staff together singing songs deeply attached to each other, like the song says,
our GELGOOG people will forever deeply attached to each other.

thanksgiving activity

Thanksgiving is the most important content is Thanksgiving, whether it is Thanksgiving parents, friends, classmates, or a stranger, as long as we leave footprints in the growth process, we have to be grateful.

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