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Wafer biscuit produced by high quality machines

Publish sherry On 2016-12-20

In gastronomy, a wafer is a crisp, often sweet, very thin, flat, and dry biscuit, often used to decorate ice cream. Wafers can also be made into cookies with cream flavoring sandwiched between them. They frequently have a waffle surface pattern but may also be patterned with insignia of the food's manufacturer or may be patternless. Many chocolate bars, such as Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp, have wafers in them.
The butter fat content of wafer in a very high, each piece has 43 thousand calories, and it has low density, enough to eat, so eat more is not easy to detect, so though you eat many wafer you will not feel satiety. In fact, the heat off three chocolate wafer had more than 200 calories.So, how does wafer be produced?

In factory, there is a professional Automatic Wafer production line, in this production line, we need following machines:
1.Wafer Plate: Filling the wafer bicuit plate then transfer to the oven
2. Cooling tower: Stainless steel structure with well performance
3. Wafer Sheet Cooling cabinet: This cooling cabinet can be design 3 layers to 5 layers base on different output of wafer sheet.
4. Wafer Cutting equipment  Cutting the wafer biscuit into different size(customized) 
1.Reliable performance, stable operation, long service life. All motor, electrical equipment ,PLC, bearing adopts international and Chinese famous brand.
2. Reasonable layout, compact structure, small occupation, the body length of the baking oven is only 2/3 of the same type of product.
3. High automatic, stand-alone machine can be controlled separately, simple operation and easy maintenance
4. High demoulding rate and finished product rate of no less than 98%
5.Special energy conservation design, low energy cost, can reduce pollution to an extreme
6. Machines’ material comply with food hygiene standard, all parts which is connected with food are adopt stainless steel
7. Gas or electric oven , capacity can be design depend on customer's require.
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