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How can you meet the market demand by packaging by hands?

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-23

Are you still packaging products by hands? If so, you are out of the market trend with no doubt. With the constant development of food packaging machinery industry, the traditional packaging method is abandoned by the market, so automatic packing machine is invented and applied into all walks of life.
As we all know that the outside packaging of products is as important as the inner packaging. Without packaging, it is easy for products to be polluted and deteriorated, so that manufacturers should attach great importance to the final process of product, that is, the packaging.
Take peanut brittle for example, peanut brittle is a kind of traditional snacks invented in Han dynasty. It is made of clean peanuts, sugar, and other materials, and is featured with crisp taste and cheap price, so it is very popular among consumers.
 automatic packing machine
Manufacturers who are engaged in the production of peanut brittle are familiar with peanut brittle making machine, but have you noticed the packaging machine for it before? With the constant research and development of food packaging machinery, the most advanced pillow type packaging machine is invented, which is suitable for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily necessities, disposable supplies, metal products, plastic products, toys, stationery, and others, and the popularity of pillow type packaging machine is proved by this point. 
automatic packing machine
In terms of this pillow type packaging machine, there are some advantages.
1.       Double frequency, converter control, and length of packaging bag can be adjusted.
2.       With textual man-machine interface, and parameter setting is convenient and quick.
3.       With fault diagnosis function.
4.       Temperature independent PID control.
5.       Simple transmission system makes the work more reliable and convenient.
6.       All controls are realized by software.
What’s more, the biggest advantage of this pillow type packaging machine is the good connectivity, that is to say, it can be connected by other production line perfectly, such as peanut brittle production line, biscuit production line, and instant noodle production line.

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