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The wafer biscuit oven from GELGOOG company

Publish Tina On 2016-11-23

 The characteristics of the wafer biscuit production line in the oven. Advancement in the electric heating oven temperature control temperature measurement and control system, advantages in oven template of advanced processing technology.
Electric heating oven temperature control temperature measurement and control system in the advanced technology is GELGOOG unique advanced technology at present. Abandoned the technology used by other manufacturers now controlled thyristor voltage regulation technology and work technology. Wafer biscuit oven is an innovation of electric heating temperature control technology. The technology advancement is:
(1) full voltage power supply technology combined with GELGOOG company production to match the processing technology of electric heating plate, also make the work become dwarfed by temperature control. From the technical point of view, and the work on the small capacity with electric control way use is feasible, and in large capacity such as wafer cake oven used on electrical appliances is absolutely undesirable. The work way of large current shock caused by the frequent on-off not only affect the food factory itself in transformer, power grid and other electrical appliances, such as lighting flashes, large motor speed instability, particularly the influence of electronic equipment. It will also affect the mains grid of 10 KV system, due to the impact on the grid, the worst affected. Our full voltage active temperature measuring type heating control system, the temperature is detected in the template appear too big change for active control of the way. Reduces the power loss and ensure the oven a steady speed, simplify the oven heating control of operation. Accordingly, greatly save the energy, improve the energy saving effect.
(2) the advantages wafer biscuit oven performance in the template on the processing technology of GELGOOG template processing technology is completely controlled by their processing technology, unlike other manufacturers entrust other processing. GELGOOG company template processing unique, constantly improve. So GELGOOG company production wafer biscuit oven template does not have glue phenomenon. Production process easy to grasp, flour, adaptable, beating oil quantity is little, puffing degree is high, the good, and less powder shit.
wafer biscuit oven

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