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How to make ice cream cone?

Publish Tina On 2016-12-05

Ice cream, a sweet words, my childhood love it that slippery, cool, sweet taste, the taste in the heart always full of temptation, always can not be replaced. Summer comes, it is the world of ice cream, colorful ice cream, reminds people of infinite daydream, have a bite, happiness began to spread, the sweet delicious with each cell, sweet and refreshing, fine taste for the hot summer brought a cool and refreshing.
As we all know, summer is the season of ice cream, when a delicate and sweet ice cream to present in front of you, that kind of cool feeling of silky across the tongue, let your heart of love.
Everyone likes to eat ice cream in the summer, because eating ice cream in summer, people will have a sense of romance, and now there are many different kinds of ice cream and good looks.
In ice cream, there is a very important part of the often overlooked by people, that is ice cream cone. Do you know how to make ice cream cone?
Automatic ice cream cones making machine
 if make ice cream cone, maybe need automatic wafer cone baking machine.
 Automatic ice cream cone baking machine is used to offer the cones for the perfusion of ice cream in the next process, which is also the chief product of the production line. It first sets the syrup on the baking panel to bake it crisp then roll it up and shape it as cone, later on the machine finalizes the shape and collects the cones from the panel.
Automatic ice cream cones making machine, save labor and cost.
Excellent performances have allowed International Standards to be comfortably met.
Stainless steel, easy operation, high efficiency.
Low noise, High Capacity with low Power.
Easy to operate, Easy for cleaning.
it have many different molds for different size and shape cones, and you can replace the molds on the machine.
you can choose different baking numbers of the machine according to your need.

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