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Automatic Peanut Brittle Making Machine In Nigeria

Publish Lisa On 2018-09-15

At the end of last month, the company sold one set of peanut brittle making machine to Nigeria, the customer who has a factory and want to start a new business. From the beginning of October, the customer has been linked with us. The peanut brittle making machine is mainly used for making caramel treats, peanut brittle, cereal bars, rice bars, nut brittle, sesame bar, muesli bar, etc.

Peanut Brittle Making Machine NigeriaPeanut Brittle Making Machine
This is the finished product pictures.

Main Features:
1. Our machine is designed according to the foreign advanced technology and structure.
2. All the structure is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the good quality and long service life.
3. The conveyor belt is adopted the PP food grade materials to ensure the high food hygiene. Individual electrical box, All electrical parts are from well-known companies. High quality and long service life.
4. The hoppers and pressed rollers are all made of polyvinyl fluoride materials, no stick to syrup.
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