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Teach You Make The Sesame Candy

Publish Lisa On 2016-11-08

Sesame candy is our traditional products, unique flavor, taste sweet and crisp, not only is the children's favorite food, adults also like to eat.The sesame candy is a small dessert,rich in nutritional value,and it is easy to make,let’s come to learn.Sesame candy processing method is simple.

sesame candy machine

1, Early processing of sesame. Put the selected fresh sesame seeds into a pot, soaked in water, in order to fully absorb water still swelling for sesame. Then wash the sand, picked up the dried, and put it into the pot, roasted with fire , stop to sesame and stir fry until color is not yellow, not coke grains of detonation. After cooling, gently rubbing the skin off, and dandruff with a fan.

2, Put the caramel and sugar into the pot to boil.Heating it in the middle of the fire to boil, stirring constantly, to prevent coking. When the syrup boiled, switch to gentle boil syrup level rise or vesicles to wear, can mix shovel pick syrup to observe, can pull into a wire, break with a crisp sound after cooling, can be a ceasefire.

3, Stir fried sesame seeds into the syrup, the side of the pot to pour sesame seeds while stirring, and strive to quickly embrace the mix evenly. Then mixing together sesame sugar blank from the pot scoop into the clean oil basin.

4,After a little cooling, the sesame candy is moved to a smooth operating table, then made a comb shaped oval section like sugar by hand.

5,Take advantage of the hot sections of the sugar, the thickness of the slice to be uniform, each thickness of about 0.4 cm, about 90 to 100 kilograms per kilogram. Sliced by cooling, plastic, plastic bags can be used to seal packaging, into the box sales.

Homemade sesame candy at home is like this, if you want to produce a large number of sesame candy, I suggest you use the machine,sesame candy machine is now more and more popular with the broad prospects.

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