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Do you like the traditional snacks or the modern snacks?

Publish admin On 2016-10-29

When it comes to the changes of snacks, people will have a lot of to discuss, such as the types, flavors, and brands. So do you like the traditional snacks or the modern snacks?
peanut candy

potato chips
When you are asked do you like the peanut brittle or the potato chips, what will you answer? Generally speaking, most of the young people will say that we like potato chips with no hesitation, while some old or middle aged people will admit that we are not used to the potato chips and we like peanut butter especially in China. When comparing the peanut brittle with the potato chips, it is unnecessary for us to debate on which one is the best, and the real point is that you are supposed to eat what you like, and what makes you feel happy and comfortable is the best for you.
We are going to talk something about the peanut brittle here, and if you like eating peanut brittle, you are supposed to read this article carefully. It’s said that the peanut brittle originates from China and then it is introduced to other countries in the world. When making peanut brittle, you can add many other materials into it, such as sesame, walnut and other nuts. As a traditional snack, peanut brittle is popular among many countries, Asia countries in particular. So do you know how to produce peanut brittle? If not, I will make a basic introduction about the production of peanut brittle.
As a origin country of peanut brittle, our country has been engaged in the production of peanut brittle, through decades of unremitting, the technology and equipment for making peanut brittle has changed a lot, in the past, we made peanut brittle by our hands, and some simple equipment, however, with the development of science and technology, the production of peanut brittle becomes easier and convenient.
peanut brittle production line
This peanut candy production line is used to make peanut brittle at present, and is widely used in producing candy and brittle. This production line consists of automatic peanut roaster, peanut peeling machine, sugar cooking pot, temperature control mixer, peanut brittle molding and cutting machine, and automatic peanut brittle packaging machine. The raw material of these machines is stainless steel, with excellent performance, and it can work with high efficiency and low energy consumption.
With the popularity of peanut brittle, more and more food enterprises are dedicated in the production of peanut brittle. As for making peanut brittle, it is vital for you to choose a whole set of production line, which can help you to save energy and time spent in selecting.
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