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How to choose a suitable cone making machine?

Publish admin On 2016-09-24

pizza cone making machine
Pizza cone making machine

Both these two type cone making machine is popular on the product list of this company,and many customer inquiry for the cone machine,they usually ased the same question,”what’s the difference between the two equipment?”.
This article will be compare the two cone machine completely,contains the same and the difference,like the adventage,feature,and processing method.
Same one, the design is fashionable,reasonable structure,and the important is both the equipment are made of durable stainless steel.
Same two,easily to operate,it can make very delicious cones by one person. The dough mixed into cone shape with using the model.
Same three,both the machine’s heating temperature can be set by the control panel.

ice cream cone making machine
Ice cream cone making machine

Diff one,the pizza cone making machine is designed based on the ice cream cone making machine.And pizza cone machine just have the differnent size with one cone shape,ice cream cone machine can be product different shape cones by changing the cone module.
Diff two,processing is different make the diffreent produce time,when make ice cream cone,just need few seconds to heating and forming,the pizza cone’s baking time is 1-2min.So the capacity also depend on your cone size.
If you want to making cone, please contact and tell me what’s your requirement, this is the most easy and fast way to choose your suitable machine.
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