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Wafer Biscuit Machine Factory in Canada

Publish admin On 2018-07-28

A client from Canada visited our factory, inspecting machines, and then purchased a wafer biscuit production line from our company. The next picture is that our engineers are in the customer's factory to install machines for customers.
wafer biscuit machine canadainstall wafer biscuit machine
This wafer biscuit production line purchased by Canadian customers is dedicated to producing various high quality wafers, with large capacity and continuous operation. This type of wafer production line is integrated with advanced foreign technology, based on the innovation and improvement. After years of continuous development, it is now very mature and reliable, and hot selling at home and abroad, is a production line with high production and cost-effective.

Since the establishment of the company, our company has been working on the quality of the wafer production line, through continuous technological innovation, the line performance is more stable, more automation. The main equipment of the wafer biscuit production line includes a beating machine, a baking oven, a cream mixer, a feeder, a cream coating machine, a cooling machine, picking machine, a wafer biscuit cutting machine, biscuit crusher, and so on. These machines are connected together, and the degree of automation is high, if you are interested, please email to for machine price and details.
wafer biscuit production linewafer biscuit machine
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