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Details of Donut Making Machine

Publish eric On 2018-03-30

Donut is a very popular in the world, because more and more people like to eat  them when shopping on the way, reading books, meeting with friends in the fastfood store or entertaining friends at home. You can see them even anywhere. So the donut field has a big market. Making a donut business also is easy than other business. So more and more businessmen begin their busines with donut. But as a new businessman, how do we select donut making machine? What is the details of donut making machine? Next I will give you some information to now donut making machine.
donuts making machine
Donut have many different moulds, here we will talk about GG-D Automatic Donut Making Machine, this machine can control the temperature and frying time, with the function of automatic molding automatically, automatic advance, and counting automatically. Conveyor speed can be adjusted by adjusting the time. This machine also can finish secondary fried and send the fried donuts out of the fryer. It is very important for you to make large quantities donut. So this product is suitable for the production of fermented Donuts. Model:GG-D fdonut making machine should be used with  220V 50Hz/380V 50Hz, its dimensions is 1100x550x650mm. And its capacity is  400-1200pcs each hour.

And we have other capacity, if you want, here can also produce three other size capacity. 
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