Peanut Cleaning and Shelling Machine|Groundnut Sheller Machine Price
  • Peanut Cleaning and Shelling Machine|Groundnut Sheller Machine Price
  • Peanut Cleaning and Shelling Machine|Groundnut Sheller Machine Price
  • Peanut Cleaning and Shelling Machine|Groundnut Sheller Machine Price

Peanut Cleaning and Shelling Machine|Groundnut Sheller Machine Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG Machinery
  • Pay Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


The peanut cleaning and shelling machine can clean and remove the peanuts shell with high quality.

Main Feature

Easy to operate, easy to clean,the machine is an ideal equipment for cleaning and shelling peanuts.


Gelgoog series of peanut shelling machine is my company development and production of practical machine according to the market demand, environmental protection type peanut shelling machine. Our company is located in Zhengzhou, China. We can visit at any time if you are interested.
GG series type peanut production company to miscellaneous shelling machine is a new generation of models, reliable quality, excellent performance, processing of peanut kernel broken rate is low, sorting and clean, good color, good effect, less loss to miscellaneous. All the performance indexes are superior to the national standard.
peanut cleaning and shelling machine
Working principle of peanut cleaning and shelling machine:
The peanut sheller consists of miscellaneous miscellaneous system and shelling system.
The system is composed of electric motor, feed hopper, separation screen, crankshaft, air suction machine and air transport device. The raw fruit containing mixed flowers inflows into the sorting sieve from the feed hopper, and in the action of the crankshaft and the suction fan, the detritus and the floating dust containing the mixed flowers are sucked out of the machine. The heavy sundries are selected through the separation screen, from the screen top to the outflow machine. To the complex after peanut by sieve down through the outlet into the wind transport device, transported to the hopper in shelling system.
Shelling composition system consists of the motor, a feed hopper, peeling mechanism, sorting sieve, crankshaft, suction fan, A feeding device and B device.  Feed hopper in peanut shelling into the corresponding institutions, through the bar and the cage gate repeatedly rubbing force of peanut shelling. After sorting into the mixture and screen on the crankshaft and the suction fan under the action of peanut shell out of the machine through the suction fan; peanut in sorting sieve sieve surface by up to the discharge outlet in a sack of benevolence. Unshelled, flower fruit sorting along the screen surface down, after the classification district will automatically, flower fruit separation; after the separation, flower fruit respectively into corresponding A material transport device and B transport device, two shell cleaning delivery to the shucking mechanism each adapted to achieve. Complete peeling effect.
peanut cleaning and shelling machine
Our company has strong technical force, complete equipment, advanced technology testing means, high quality products and considerate service, which is well received by the majority of users. As in the past we will follow the "quality first, reputation first" business purpose, the peanut sheller into thousands of households.
Technical Data
Cleaning System
1 electromotor Y112M-4-3 1 set
2 Motor wheel ф140-2 and ф95-1 1
3 triangular belt B2055   1
B1200 2
4 hexagon bolt M6×20 6 pcs
M10×40 4set
5 Pipe ф220 0.75M(up)+0.33M(middle)
Each  one
6 Pipe connection ф218 2pcs
7 canvas 320×160×135 1 pcs   
8 Round rubber bag 1180×160×2 1 pcs
9 Square glass 165×165 3pcs
10 Bearing Puller   1set
Shelling System
1 Motor wheel φ140-5-B 1
φ145-3-B 1
2 triangular belt B2220 2
B3750 3
B1850 2
B1650 3
B1410 1
B2750 3
3 hexagon bolt M12×50 8 set
M10×25 2 set
M10×35 2 set
M6×25 6 set
4 snap-head bolt M6×20 4 pcs(include screw nut)
5 Transport  pipeф154 0.78M(up)+0.45M(middle)
+ 1.1M(down)
Each  has  one
6  Pipe Connection ф152 2
7 Transport  pipeф100 0.175M(up)+0.25M(middle)
+ 1.11M(down)
Each  has  one
8  Pipe Connection ф98 2
9 Square rubber bag 1640×160×2 1pcs
11 Round rubber bag 1240×160×2 1pcs
12 rubber sleeve Outer:ф35
inner hole:ф20
13 Square glass 165×165 4 pcs
14 electromotor Y132S2-2-7.5 1 set
Y160M-6-7.5 1 set


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