Automatic Egg Tart Skin Machine Manufacturer
  • Automatic Egg Tart Skin Machine Manufacturer
  • Automatic Egg Tart Skin Machine Manufacturer
  • Automatic Egg Tart Skin Machine Manufacturer

Automatic Egg Tart Skin Machine Manufacturer

  • Brand:GELGOOG Machinery
  • Pay Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Automatic egg tart skin machine is made by our company, use the high quality materials,work with high efficiency, make the egg tarts with different shapes and sizes.

Main Feature

The machine with high quality, high efficiency, can make with different shapes and sizes.


The eight hole egg tart skin machine is suitable for hotels, factories, offices, a bakery, can produce the Portuguese egg tart, crisp egg with wide type desktop Tapie Tapie and all kinds of fancy egg tart. 

Operation process of egg tart maker machine:
1) connect power source and gas source (power supply voltage 380V, 50Hz, pressure pressure 6kg).
2) turn the power switch on and turn on the heating power to let the mould preheat.
3) please dispatch temperature control table to 60 ℃ (from 0 ℃ to 60 ℃, takes about 15 minutes), after the temperature rise to 60 ℃ before operation.
4) turn on the starting power machine and start running, then turn on the molding power machine to enter the working state. Please put the tower cup into the mold.
egg tart skin machine
The company gathered outstanding scientific and technological personnel, guided by the international market, so that products continue to change new. The company has a perfect service system, with the continuous updating of product technology, we also provide users with reliable product upgrade services, and product installation and debugging guidance, to provide process formulations. We continue to cooperate with customer requirements, to update the technology, better service, more reasonable price, to thank the domestic and foreign new and old customers.
Technical Data




36 pcs/min.


500W, 220V 50Hz Single-phase

Air Consumption

0.2m³/min. (0.6-0.8 Mpa pressure)

Customers themselves ready to air compressor





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