Cone Ice Cream Machine in Pakistan|Electric Wafer Cone Maker
  • Cone Ice Cream Machine in Pakistan|Electric Wafer Cone Maker
  • Cone Ice Cream Machine in Pakistan|Electric Wafer Cone Maker
  • Cone Ice Cream Machine in Pakistan|Electric Wafer Cone Maker

Cone Ice Cream Machine in Pakistan|Electric Wafer Cone Maker

  • Brand:GELGOOG Machinery
  • Pay Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Cone ice cream machine in Pakistan, this machine is used to produce the wafer ice cream cones.

Main Feature


Brief introduction of cone ice cream machine:
This ice cream cone machine is a semi-automatic manual operation equipment, its heating mode is electric heating, ice cream cone machine with flour as the main raw material, it can produce beautiful shape, edible ice cream cone cups, is an ideal ice cream or other similar food containers and ancillary equipment.
cone ice cream machine
Characteristics of electric wafer cone maker:
The company's electric ice cream cone machine and series of products, the same variety of molds can be exchanged with each other, and can be a machine matching a variety of cone molds, exchange use, can achieve the production of different shapes and sizes of ice cream cone function. Ice cream cone Machine design humanization, simple operation, convenient and practical, production of more, available for customers to choose. This ice cream cone machine model is GG-40, its output is 1200 hours per hour, the use of the voltage is 380V. 

Ice cream cone machine operation process:
1. First the machine flat on the level of the ground, must not have tilt.
2. Ice cream cone machine after the power supply, set up and down the mold temperature, and then wait for temperature rise.
3. After the mold temperature rises, the machine's upper die pulls up, the lower die closes.
4. Pour into the prepared paddle material, and then the upper molded and the next die closure, about a minute or two, the cone can be formed.
5. Pull up the mold, the lower die, the cone will automatically fall into the channel below and slide out. 6. Repeat the above process, the last use, timely cleaning up and down the mold, keep clean, and then unplug the power.
electric wafer cone maker
Cone Ice Cream Machine payment process:
① buyers and Sellers signed the contract, signed by the official seal (without the official seal of some self-employed person responsible for signature on it, contract fax signed as legal effect) 
② buyers need to pay 40% of the deposit, my factory to check down the deposit to the account, immediately to the production of machinery, and by the production staff responsible for preparation, assembly, installation, commissioning.
③ customers to my factory for inspection or shooting machine video sent to customers for inspection, after the inspection, and to meet customer requirements, customers to play the balance, I plant to check the payment immediately after the delivery arrangement. Then arrange the on-site installation, commissioning and training of technicians. We provide free delivery, installation, commissioning, operator training and other services.
Technical Data
Model GG-40
Capacity 1200pcs/h
Power 18kw
Voltage 380V
Machine size 1080*800*1440mm
Packing size 1170*970*1600mm
Net Weight 655kg
Gross Weight 710kg



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