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One Set Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Price

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-27

In general, the price of the machine is the most concerned problem of the customer. The price of the machine is also equivalent to the label of the machine. Sometimes, when the customer buys the machine, the price of the machine is too high. It will stop, too low, and do not trust the quality of the machine. So how should the price of the machine be made? Just take an ice cream cone making machine for example.

The model of ice cream cone machine is especially large, and the output is different. So the price of the machine is high and low. The ice-cream cone machine has 2 mould, 4 mould, 10 mould, 12 mould, 24 mould, 32 mould, 40 mould, 60 mould and so on. Then when the customer says that the price of an ice-cream cone machine is wanted, we usually ask the customer to produce the output to provide the suitable machine and quotation for the customer, but also the customer is a new business, and no It is very clear how much you want the output, then when the customers want the price, we give the price a lot of trouble, because the different production, the price is really too big gap.
ice cream cone making machine price
If the customer knows his own budget and tells us, then we can also make several prices for customers according to the customer's budget. So, in addition to asking the customer to ask the price, we can make the low middle and high, three different kinds of production, picture, budget, and material, besides asking for the output, picture, budget and material. Quote, and then customers can choose their own according to their needs. Our ice cream cone making machine all made of the high quality stainless steel, high efficiency, so if you want to know our machine price, please email me for the machine details and price.
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