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Commercial Waffle Cone Maker Video

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-17

This is an economical and practical equipment for making ice cream cones. Commercial waffle cone maker is a semi automatic waffle cone machine, it consists of ice cream cone baking machine, ice cream cone rolling machine, mixer. The machine needs a worker to operate. After the cake is baked, it is automatically rolled into the roll machine, and the ice cream cone is shaped. 
commercial waffle cone maker
The waffle cone machine have many models, this type can make 500-800pcs per hour, we have other output. If you still don't meet your requirements, don't worry. We can customize it according to your requirements. This machine can not only make egg tube, but also can make egg rolls by changing the machine. It's very popular.

If you want start a new business, please choose this waffle cone machine, it is the nice machine for you, please email me for the machine price and details.
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