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Ice Cream Cone Machine in Thailand

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-11

Our ice cream cone machine was shipped to Thailand, our customer has his own ice cream factory. He has had more than 70 years of experience. He saw the video we posted on YouTube video and expressed interest. He listed his specific needs to us. The output of the egg tube is 1200-1800 hours per hour, and it also sends pictures to our egg tube. Customers also need a crispy egg cone machine and the same output. According to the information provided by the customer, we have sent the relevant quotation to the customer. After the customer has seen it, it is very satisfied. In this price, we give him the appropriate discount.
ice cream cone machine thailand
This ice cream cone machine is a more practical device, it can make a high quality ice cream cone, this machine is also named wafer cone making machine, replace the mold, you can make different shapes and sizes of the egg tube. A machine can be equipped with a variety of moulds. Besides, the machine is easy to operate, removable and occupies a small area. It is an ideal equipment for making ice cream cone. 
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