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Pizza Cone Maker Customer Good Feedback

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-30

The pizza cone maker machine customer praise, from the customer wants to buy our machine to start, until now, we have been closely connected. At first, the client did not know how to choose the machine, and we gave him some advice on some of his small requirements and carefully explained some of the functional uses of the machine. Now the customer has started using this machine to make pizza and start pizza business. He often sends pictures to show his pizza shop and the pizza. The client also said he wanted to buy some more pizza canister moulds to make a different pizza cone.
pizza cone maker machine
machine for making pizza cones
Our pizza cone forming machine is made of all stainless steel, clean and sanitary. Changing the mold can make different cone pizza, and the machine is simple to operate and the temperature is adjustable. It is a convenient and practical equipment for making pizza cones.
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