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Ice Cream Cone Machine Application

Publish Lisa On 2017-02-09

Thinking of the delicious ice cream, people may immediately think of the ice cream cone, it is not only the best form of packing ice cream, but also increase the appearance. GELGOOG is a professional machinery manufacturers to make ice cream cone and also supplies other cones machines.
wafer cone maker

Ice cream cone making machine is a professional design and manufacture equipment for producing ice cream cone, the equipment can produce different ice cream cones, like sweet wafer, waffle cone. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, compact and high efficiency, and is an ideal equipment for the ice cream industry, the pizza industry.

The machine mainly used for making ice cream cone, widely used in all kinds of fast food restaurants, such as restaurant equipment, bakery equipment, coffee equipment, baking equipment, West shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, frozen food factory equipment etc.

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