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The development history of cream

Publish Tina On 2016-12-27

Breeding of natural pasture cows eat grass usually contain a lot of carotenoid pigment, which produced in their cream consists of light yellow, taste and texture is thick, and uses mainly as a cake decoration, or become a cookie stuffing. Wafer cookie have a layer cream. Cream spreading machine is used for biscuit cream daub.
cream spreading machine

Cream is used to western-style food, can have the effect of flavor, sweet, still can make snacks more crunchy.

As early as 3000 years BC, the ancient Indians had mastered the cream of the original method. Put the milk is static for a period of time, will generate a layer of floating creme, the main composition of creme is fat. Indians put the creme and toss into leather bag, hang up repeatedly beat, rub, creme has developed into a cream. But this method is quite time-consuming, but also very little amount of the cream from the milk output.

More than 2000 years BC, the ancient Egyptians also learned to make butter. Later, Egyptian cream producing method by Greek and Roman to Europe, cream technology after China, India, Korea introduced into Japan, but the people of ancient Greece and ancient Rome cream is only a small amount of food, mostly as a cosmetics on the face.

During the middle ages, the European hand blender, improve the efficiency of the extracted from milk cream.

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