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Global Sourcing Festival Opens On Nov.11th to Dec 28th By GELGOOG

Publish admin On 2016-11-09

Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention please!
The annual global sourcing festival is coming in the GELGOOG COMPANY, who is engaged in the research and the development of food machinery. Have you ever heard of the global sourcing festival before, if not, it is very important to know something about it. This festival was invented several years ago on 11th December in order to celebrate the achievements through this year. What’s more, all manufacturers and sellers will give a discount to their customers no matter for new customers or repetitive customers.
Of course, as an enterprise who has specialized in the food machinery industry is also celebrating this annual activity, so orders that are placed within the promotion period will take part in the CASH BACK ACTIVITY, therefore, if you are hesitating whether to buy products in need before, why not purchase them in this special festival.
Take actions right now, more amounts, and more cash back.

11.11-12.28 GELGOOG - #GLOBAL SOURCING FESTIVAL -> Buy Machine, Cash Back.
  1. Promotion Period: Nov.11, 2016 at 00:00:00 GMT+8 ---Dec.28,2016 at 24:00:00 GMT+8
  2. Activity Discount: if orders are placed during the Promotion Period and the Amount of Machines meet the following amount, clients will enjoy the Cash Back as follows:
Minimum Amount of Machine Enjoy Cash Back
5000$ 150$
10000$ 400$
20000$ 1000$
Remark: 1. Freight is not included in the amount of machine.
2. More amount, more cash back

*The final right for explanation of this activity and discount is reserved by the GELGOOG MACHINERY.
Details of the activities:Chat Online or 
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