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Description of Ice Cream Cone Production Line

Publish Serena On 2018-06-07

ice cream cone production line
Ice cream cone production line is a large production equipment, the machine produces ice cream cone production can reach 3000 to 7,500pcs hours per hour, and each egg barrel specifications consistent, no gap. The machine can make flat edge and natural side of the cone, compared to other cone line, the machine is cheap, is a relatively affordable cone equipment. This production line is mainly used to produce ice cream cones, and mainly includes: spare parts and tools for automatic electric waffle cup baking oven, beater, air compressor each one, and supplied with a set of accessories.
The machine is fully automatic to make ice cream cone wafer with high quality.We can design the different baking machines to make different types of cones as required by clients. If you want to buy this ice cream cone production line, please contact with us, then we will send you the machine price and details.
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